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IARP Recommended Reiki Books and Music

Following are IARP recommended Reiki books and music to enhance your professional Reiki practice or personal practice and well-being. All of the books and music listed below have been reviewed in the IARP magazine, The Reiki Times, please scroll down and click on the items below to see the lowest prices at Amazon. There are many items in this section - thank you for your divine patience while this page loads.

Books recently featured by authors in The Reiki Times



IARP Recommended Reiki Books

New to Reiki? Here are some books...

French - en francais 

Spanish - Espanol 

Reiki Books - Other Languages - German - Dutch - Italian - Portuguese - Hindi - Russian

Reiki for Personal Growth

Reiki and Books for Personal Practice and Growth

Books for Reiki Practitioners

Reiki and Medicine

For Reiki Master Teachers

Reiki and Specialized Topics

Reiki and Children


Reiki and Animals


Assorted Special Topics

Reiki and Religion

IARP Recommended Reiki Music, CD's and Informational CD's

Recommended Reiki Music for sessions, attunements or personal enjoyment and meditation



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