IARP Registered Professional Membership Benefits

Of loving service to the Reiki community for over twenty-five years, IARP supports Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers worldwide. IARP Registered Members are recognized as attaining the highest standards of professionalism and service within Reiki. The International Association of Reiki Professionals provides outstanding benefits for members and we look forward to being of service to you

You may join IARP if you are a Reiki Practitioner or Master Teacher of any country and may join at anytime throughout the year as membership is rolling and not by calendar year and your membership will begin on your join date and will be valid for the membership term that you choose.

ARP Professional Membership Benefits include:

- Professional Recognition as an IARP Registered Reiki Professional

     - Recognizing you as attaining the gold standard within Reiki worldwide and your ongoing
       commitment to professionalism, growth, dedication and honored service 
       to your clients and students

- Official IARP Membership Certificate
- For your office wall

- IARP Wallet Card      
     - Recognizing you as a Professional Member

- Online Referrals Listing in the Registered Member Directory at the IARP web site
     - Recognizing you as a Registered Reiki Professional Member in good standing.
       Those interested in your services or classes can find you easily and directly.

- Low Cost Business Cards
     - Access to low cost professional, elegant business cards (for US and Canada residents) and premium cards.

- Reiki Research and Abstracts
     - Over 60 referenced Reiki medical and health abstracts and studies for you

- Certificate Service Program for Reiki Master Teachers
     - Access to the Certificate Service Program for official personalized Reiki certificate diplomas for your students in your choice of color Reiki type and class level. See Certificate Service Program for details and costs. 

- Access to optional Reiki Liability Insurance programs

   - Available to Professional Members, multiple plans to choose from, covers you if you practice
     or teach, follows where you practice/teach in your country.
     Available for Canada, USA and Australia members. See Reiki Liability Insurance for 
     details and plan costs.

- Reiki Job Board
   - If we receive requests for any employment or Reiki opportunities
     in your area we will email you to let you know so that you may apply directly

- Speakers Bureau
   - In addition to referrals for Reiki classes or sessions, IARP also acts as a Speaker's Bureau
     for organizations and refer IARP members when we receive requests for speakers

- Reiki eNewsletter
    - Keep up to date with articles, news and Reiki inspiration in The Reiki Report sent by email to your inbox

- Publicity for our members and for your professional services

- Member Resources and Business Tools
    - Grow your practice and have access to sample forms for your practice and helpful articles

- Know that your voice is counted in the Reiki community

- and more!

See Membership Application to become a Registered IARP Member and join with Professional Membership.

IARP works for you, dedicated and loving independent Reiki Professionals globally, to provide benefits, resources and tools to help you succeed as an independent Reiki practitioner or teacher. We are an independent association committed to providing you with the highest quality programs and resources. Our interests are with you and our mission is to help you succeed in your beneficial and compassionate work in the world.

Benefits subject to change without notice. Please see the IARP web site at any time for a list of current benefits

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