Member Login Instructions

Welcome! Please login to your Members Area from the login box to the left under the menu.

If you have forgotten your password you may reset it at the login box.

Membership Renewal Instructions

To Renew your IARP Professional Membership:
Login at your Member Login box at lower left under menu with your email and password. After you login scroll down and look to the left - below the menu you will see your name and below that 'Profile' - click on that and you will be in your Member Profile. When in your Member Profile you will see your Renew button (will look like "Renew to 15 December 2024"). Your Renew button shows what your new membership expiry date will be after you renew. For example, if you have a one year membership and your current membership expiry date is December 15, 2023, your renew button will read "Renew to 15 December 2024" so in this example when you click the button and renew successfully your membership will be extended through December 15, 2024. Click the renew button and follow quick steps to complete payment processing and your membership will be renewed for a full term from your current membership expiry date. You may renew anytime prior to your current membership expiry date. After successful renewal you will receive an email confirmation promptly.

If you wish to upgrade to the one or two year option, you may do so at your Renew button or by contacting Member Services. When you renew please also make sure that your membership information such as address and phone is up to date.

If you have chosen a 6 month or 1 year Professional Membership with recurring renewal, you won't have to worry about remembering to renew, we will send you an email a few weeks prior to your automatic renewal and will take care of your renewal for you. If you see a Renew button though at your Member Profile this means that you are not on recurring payments and will need to renew manually. You may stop recurring payments at anytime prior to your renewal date by clicking Stop Recurring Payments. You will then need to remember to renew manually or your membership and all benefits, services and programs eligibility associated with it will be cancelled on your membership expiry date if not manually renewed.

Renewing a Lapsed Membership:
To renew your IARP membership if your membership has lapsed or is overdue for renewal
: If your membership has just recently lapsed or is slightly overdue we may be able to reactivate it so that you may then login to renew. If it has lapsed longer than several weeks then please go to the Membership Application to complete a new application for Professional Membership.

If you have any difficulty with renewing, with your password, logging in or have questions please see Assistance/FAQs or contact Member Services for assistance with your renewal.

If you wish to purchase an optional Reiki liability insurance plan there are multiple options available for members with varying costs depending on your modalities and your country of residence. You will pay for your choice of plan separately directly to the insurance providers if you wish to purchase liability insurance. IARP does not sell insurance and is not compensated by the insurance providers and does not endorse any insurer. Insurance plans and applications are provided as a convenience for IARP Members.

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